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don’t fret it the scale number rises, that doesn’t mean you gained fat

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Throw a Paleo Summer Shindig!


My week of graveyard shifts ends on Wednesday morning—just in time for me to kick back with my family on July 4th. [Insert fist pump here.]

Because the Fourth of July lands midweek this year, something tells me you haven’t had a lot of time to plan the menu for your Independence Day bash. Never fear: I’ve got tons of ideas for your own Paleo-friendly party!

Paleo Summer Party! by Michelle Tam

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5 Things to Know Before Joining a Box (huffington post)
also, check out her sweet shoes.
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1. Green Machine Smoothie – Whole Living2. Cherry Almond Vanilla Smoothie – Running To The Kitchen3. Kale Spinach and Pear Smoothie – Joy The Baker4. Tropical Green Smoothie – 52 Kitchen Adventures5. Preet’s Special Smoothie – Yyoga + OrganicLives6. Power Protein Smoothie – Whole Living7. Mango Coconut Water Smoothie – Whole Living8. The Mojito Smoothie – My New Roots9. Crunchy Coffee Fix – Runner’s World10. Banana Oat Smoothie – Martha Stewart11. Pineapple and Banana Smoothie – Whole Living12. Key Lime Pie Protein Smoothie – Peanut Butter Fingers13. Gingered Beet Smoothie – With Style & Grace13.1 Raw Blizzard – Rawified (Hey, with all that running we’re doing we deserve a sweet, healthly(ish) treat! And yes, that’s Blizzard like DQ Blizzard.)

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